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Christian humor is not an oxymoron. Is it? Christians should be the happiest people on earth. Sometimes, though, we let the troubles of today shift our focus from the eternal to the fleeting.

Feeling down? Need a reason not to frown? Check out our family-friendly funnies. Throw your face a curve and smile. Amazingly that action alone can often set your mood straight.

If you've not seen the video by Anita Renfroe of what a mom says in a day, get the kleenex because you'll be laughing until tears form. It's hilarious and sooo true. It's a fitting tribute for Mother's Day. You can view all of Anita's hilarious videos here.

This is the kind of dessert I'd love to serve to guests. LOL!! Watch this video for a few laughs with Christian comedian Chonda Pierce and her twelve-year-old son.

One day I was extremely stressed. Because I'm an online kinda gal, I turned to my computer and googled the word "stress." That's how I stumbled across this hilarious stress test. Check it out at Dolphin Stress Test

John Cook is a very humorous cartoonist from down under. I think you'll enjoy his work as much as we do. Check back regularly as this cartoon changes periodically. Enjoy!

A Time To Laugh: Christian Cartoons

Here are a few Holiday Chuckles:
'Twas the Night Before Christmas (No Batteries Included)

Come back every day to chuckle to a new Christian joke!

Cartoonist Jeff Larson - The Back Pew

Check out the Top ten lists, lightbulb jokes, bulletin bloopers, and many Christian jokes at the Humor Hotline.

Check out these HILARIOUS religious "Far Side"-type cartoons. Endorsed by Focus on the Family's 'Breakaway' magazine, Bil Keane (creator, The Family Circus), Johnny Hart (creator, B.C.) and many others. "...GOOD VERY funny!..." -Charles Schulz (creator, Peanuts). Lots of yuks can be had at Good Medicine Cartoons.

We laughed ourselves silly when we saw Jeff Allen on the K-LOVE Cruise a few years ago. Check it out if you need to lighten your load today.

For great Christian Humor parody suggestions, check out my Christian Music Reviews page.

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