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School recess is often just as educational as school.  Do you make time to include stimulating play time in your home school day?  Children can exercise their bodies and minds when participating in exciting recreation.  Playing games is a great way to teach children to obey rules and practice being good sports as well.  Here are a few of our favorite recess activities:

Ron's Puzzle Page

Scavenger Hunts rank near the top of my childrens' favorite down-time activities. You're kids are gonna love this one, too. My daughter even contributed one of the questions/answers (a few years ago, when she was eleven).

kids treasure hunt

The hunt will take you to several family-friendly sites around the net. While this hunt is technically over and the prizes have all been awarded, the questions are still available. Have fun!

Luau Party printable paper dolls set

I used to love paper dolls even into my pre-teen years. Maybe your girls would have fun with these. Perhaps they can even design new outfits.

Still need ideas? Try these school recess suggestions:

  • Several years ago I bought a mini-trampoline to exercise on. I put on my favorite heart-pumping music and jump to the beat. Before long my kids were beating me to the trampoline. Now, we include it as part of our recess time on a regular basis. This one has a bar to hold on to when you pump up the volume.

  • An inflatable bouncer play center is a great option for younger children especially if you're concerned they land on a very soft surface when bouncing.

  • The brave members of your household can strap on moon shoes for tigger-like bouncing!

  • school recess: skipping rope

  • Skipping rope is not only an incredibly healthy aerobic activity, it's fun as well. Why don't you ask the kids to write a few Jump Rope Rhymes, like Anna Banana, for a creative writing project?

  • My daughter and her friends absolutely love hand clap games like "Miss Mary Mack." If you really want to have some fun during recess why not invent a few new ones?!
  • Do your children enjoy coloring. Mine do. The school day is usually so full of academics there is not enough time for this fun activity. Why not let your children color for recess today?!
  • Here's a vocabulary game easy enough for even very young children. The great part is that you are helping feed the poor by playing. That's win-win!

  • Out of recess game ideas? Come back to this spot on a regular basis to brainstorm. Whether it's raining outside or not, your children can enjoy themselves and maybe even learn something in the process.

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